Melitta Coffee

A few weeks ago Melitta Coffee was generous and offered 10 lucky winners a day, a free coupon to get their coffee.  I have never tried Melitta and I figured to give it a try, when the company was offering their product free.  I was one of the lucky winners that got a bag of Coffee. I received my coupon on Monday, and yesterday I went and got myself a bag of the Costa Rican Tarrazu Roast and Ground Coffee. 

I made myself a pot of it this morning, and was pleasantly surprised by the flavour, and smoothness of it.  It also wasn't as bitter as the coffee I normally drink, so I was quite happy about that.  It was like a dance in mouth, and was a great addition to my morning breakfast.  Also I was starting to get a lot of gas from my normal brand of coffee, and the Melitta coffee didn't cause me any problems at all.

Another great thing about Melitta is it's organic coffee and free trade.  I would recommend this brand to my friends and family.  It normal retails for $13.99 but well worth the price.  I am a very happy I tried Melitta.



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