Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10CAL REVIEW

Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal Enhanced Water is a great product. The first one I tried was Black & Blue berry, the smell when I first opened the bottle was very pleasing to me, and it made me want to know what it tasted like. Now, I am very picky about what I drink, and when I did taste it, I was very happy that it had a wonderful sweet taste to it, and you do not need to worry about sugar, because it's sweeten naturally. Which is a plus for me, because I have to watch my sugar intake. So, it's a great product for people that have to watch how much sugar they are in taking. Also great for people that have a hard time drinking plain water, like myself. I found this a wonderful alternative to having to flavor my water with powders. The Fuji Apple Pear, and the Strawberry Lemonade are also tasty. I also found that after drinking the Aquafina Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal Enhanced Water, for nearly 2 weeks I found that the antioxidant vitamins were making me feel better. This is a product I have already started recommending to my friends and family. Overall, Great product :)

Early Birthday Surprises

I received a lovely birthday gift today from a friend in India.  My birthday is not until March 12, so I was surprised when I went to the mailbox this morning, and found this lovely gift.   My friend sent me two pairs of earrings, a wonderful birthday card, a 3D picture of Krishna, Hello Kitty pen, a brooch and two bookmarks.  She truly spoiled me :)

Vintage Postcards from France 1900 - 1920

Today I was lucky to receive 6 unused vintage postcards from a friend in the USA.  They are from France and are between the years of 1900 - 1920.  I wish I knew more about them, because I just love history, and would love to know the history of these postcards.  My friend didn't know any more information on them, which is too bad.  If anyone would be able to help me with these vintage postcards it would be much appreciated...please leave a comment, if you know anything about vintage postcards. 

Stella Artois Chalice Set

 I joined La Société Stella Artois, and you can get some great prizes from them once you've collected enough points.  The first thing, I turned my points in for was a Stella Artois Pouring kit, with 4 glasses, bottle opener, foam cutter, and book.  The next item I turned my points in for, was two passes to Cinaplex Theatre's.  The next was a Godfather DVD.  Now, I had no problem getting the tickets or the DVD, but the Pouring Kit took 4 months to get here.  I was seriously starting to doubt that I would even receive it.

But last week UPS showed up at my door carrying a big box with "Stella Artois" on it.  I was so pleased to see it, after waiting for it.  I was very impressed when I opened the box and found a lovely set.  It was well worth waiting for.  So, if you are interested in joining the Stella Artois Club here is the link:


Postcards from Italy and USA

Today, I was lucky to receive 4 lovely postcards from my friends in Italy, Cape Cod and L.A.  My favourite postcard I received today is a postcard of J.F.K.  So far, it's one of my favourite postcards of 2011 :)   I was very excited to open the envelope from my friend and find it in there. 

President John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States, sailing the Manitou off the coast of Cape Cod.

Hoxie House, Sandwich Cape Cod, Massachusetts - High on a knoll overlooking Shawme Lake in the center of Sandwich sits the Hoxie House (1637).  The Hoxie House is generally to be the oldest house on Cape Cod.

Pope BenedictXVI Rome          

Philippe, The Original - 1001 North Alameda Street Los Angeles, CA - When Visiting Los Angeles be sure not to miss a visit to the world famous "home of the French dip sandwich".  Origninated in 1908.  Philippe's has been owned and operated by the same family for over 80 years.  With over 1.5 million people visiting each year, Phillippe's has become a historical landmark and generational treasure. 1 million fresh baked French rolls are served annually with 300,000 pounds of choice beef, 70,000 pounds of pork, 120,00 pounds of New Zealand spring leg of lamb, and 22,000 pounds of turkey, all slow roasted to perfection.  Don't forget Philippe's housemade "hot but good" mustard on your sandwich.  Other items not to be missed are Philippe's 10 cent cup of coffee, seasonal baked apples and other delicious desserts.  An adventure in good eating.

Valentines Day Card from 1920

This card was given to my grandmother when she was 5 years old from my great-grandmother.  It was treasured by my grandmother, and it was passed on to me after my grandmother passed away.  I have placed it in a clear plastic sheet protector to make sure that it does not get damaged.  I figured to add it on my blog since it's so close to Valentines Day, and show off a nice vintage Valentines card. I hope you enjoy it :) 

Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10CAL

Today I received my first official product to review from  I am so excited to be one of 75 people reviewing this product.  The company sent 6 - 591mL bottles to test over the next 2 weeks.  The flavours they sent are Black & Blue Berry, Strawberry Lemonade, and Fuji Apple Pear.  In 2 weeks time the company will send me an email with a link so I can give me review on the product.  I have already started drinking the Black & Blue Berry one, and it's very tasty.  I think I am going to enjoy reviewing this product.

California Dreaming on such a winter's day...

Today was a pretty good mail day for me.  I finally received my parcel from my friend in California, been waiting nearly 2 weeks for it.  I was very excited about receiving it, because it had some chocolate I wanted to try.  Japanese Kit Kat's that are Cheese flavoured.  I honestly thought they would be quite disgusting, but I was pleasantly surprised that they actually taste pretty good.  You really cannot taste the cheese, but you can sure smell the cheese, when you first open the package.  

My friend also sent me a lovely Three Stooges magnet.  It's something you cannot get in Canada, and I just love the Three Stooges.  I honestly think it's one of my favourite magnets in my collection. 

I also received a lovely fan pack from the L.A. Lakers.  It was truly a surprise, because I did not figure they were going to send anything, as I had wrote an email, but they never wrote back, so I figured they would not be sending anything, so it was a lovely surprise to see that in my mail box today.

Petrol Jeans Contest on Facebook - Update!!

The Petrol Jean contest on Facebook was not a scam :)  I am quite happy about that.  I was quite worried for awhile, but I have won a pair of jeans, and I am quite happy about that.  I received the notification that I will be receiving them in 10 to 14 days, really happy about that. 

A lot of people are bitter about not winning the jeans, and writing some very rude comments on the Petrol Jeans fanpage.  I honestly think this is immature, and just being a sore loser.  This one guy is stalker their page, and writing such mean and rude comments to all the winners, it's just pathetic.

Shall write more, once I receive my jeans :)  Thank you Petrol for hosting such a wonderful contest :)


Black History Month Postcard!

My friend on Facebook wanted to collect postcards of Black History, since February is Black History month, and since my city has a Black History monument, I decided to do a trade with him.  He sent me a love postcard in return of a monument in Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Battle Creek, Michigan is home for the world's largest sculpture honoring the thousands of southern slaves and fugitives who fled north during the 1840's and 1850's. Traveling by night hiding in barns and basement hide-a-ways by day, the movement was know as the Underground Railroad. Sojourner Truth was born as a slave in 1797. Speaking out for justice and human rights and especially for the abolition of slavery, she became the most famous African -American woman in the 19th century.

Snowy Day!

Today was a snow day in my city, nearly everything was closed, or canceled.  Even my dog didn't want to go outside today in the snow, I had to shove his bum out the door this morning.  It took forever for the snowplows to get around to clear the roads and sidewalks out.  The Postal service was even canceled today.  Which was frustrating to me, because I have a mail addiction, lol, and was truly hoping to get some mail today.  I am currently waiting for quite a few packages to arrive.  Hopefully, they will soon arrive.

 This was the view from my front window this morning.  The snow was blowing quite a lot first thing this morning. 

I honestly didn't think today was going to be a very exciting day.  I have spent most of the day on the couch, either reading my book or watching TV, and then I got the most awesome email.  I had signed up to review a product, and the company said they were only going to pick 75 people to try it out, and I received the email saying I was one of the 75 people they have chosen to review Aquafina Plus Water.  I'm totally excited, this will be my first official review for a company :) This has made up for not getting any mail today.  So, watch for my up coming review on Aquafina Plus water. 


Melitta Coffee

A few weeks ago Melitta Coffee was generous and offered 10 lucky winners a day, a free coupon to get their coffee.  I have never tried Melitta and I figured to give it a try, when the company was offering their product free.  I was one of the lucky winners that got a bag of Coffee. I received my coupon on Monday, and yesterday I went and got myself a bag of the Costa Rican Tarrazu Roast and Ground Coffee. 

I made myself a pot of it this morning, and was pleasantly surprised by the flavour, and smoothness of it.  It also wasn't as bitter as the coffee I normally drink, so I was quite happy about that.  It was like a dance in mouth, and was a great addition to my morning breakfast.  Also I was starting to get a lot of gas from my normal brand of coffee, and the Melitta coffee didn't cause me any problems at all.

Another great thing about Melitta is it's organic coffee and free trade.  I would recommend this brand to my friends and family.  It normal retails for $13.99 but well worth the price.  I am a very happy I tried Melitta.