California Dreaming on such a winter's day...

Today was a pretty good mail day for me.  I finally received my parcel from my friend in California, been waiting nearly 2 weeks for it.  I was very excited about receiving it, because it had some chocolate I wanted to try.  Japanese Kit Kat's that are Cheese flavoured.  I honestly thought they would be quite disgusting, but I was pleasantly surprised that they actually taste pretty good.  You really cannot taste the cheese, but you can sure smell the cheese, when you first open the package.  

My friend also sent me a lovely Three Stooges magnet.  It's something you cannot get in Canada, and I just love the Three Stooges.  I honestly think it's one of my favourite magnets in my collection. 

I also received a lovely fan pack from the L.A. Lakers.  It was truly a surprise, because I did not figure they were going to send anything, as I had wrote an email, but they never wrote back, so I figured they would not be sending anything, so it was a lovely surprise to see that in my mail box today.


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