My First Blog Award

I was having such a depressing day,and then I checked my blog and  I was given my very first blog award - a LOVE BLOG award from . Cebelica, thank you SO much for choosing me for this award. You have made me so happy.  I feel honoured to receive it and I am so excited! I am thankful that we are friends :) Thank you very, very much for thinking of me :D I'm so proud to receive such great award.It's also extra special because it's my first. :D

With this award also come some "obligations" (which you need to follow too, if you accept the award ;)):
1.) I need to link to the person who gave me this award ~ I have already done this.
2.) I have to let the person who gave me this blog award that I accept it ~ Cebelica, I'm gladly accepting this award :)
3.) I have to post a Blog Love image in my blog post (see above)
4.) I have to pick 3-5 of my favourite blogs and pass the award to them; I also need to link to these blogs in my post (and then the blog owners should inform me that they have been tagged)

There's one rule about choosing your favourite blogs, and that is:

Dear Bloggers the aim of this award is that we bring unknown good blogs to light.
so I ask that you do not pass this award to fellow bloggers who have more than 3000 followers.

Anyway, I hope you ladies will accept this award, because you truly deserve it :) 

Cesar Bistro Gourmet Dining Kit

Today, I was surprised when the Canada Post delivery truck showed up with a Cesar Bistro Gourmet Dining Kit for my dog.  It was very quick in coming, it was part of a Facebook promotion for the new Cesar Bistro food.  I signed up for it on Friday, and today the kit arrived.  I was very impressed.

It can with a sample of the New Cesar Bistro wet food, a Cesar brand dining mat,handkerchief, a plate, and a serving spoon.  It was truly a great freebie, and the spoon was very good quality and very heavy.

Tonight, I decided to give my dog some of the Cesar Bistro food for dinner, and he just ate it all up.  He normally is a picky eater, and it takes him four minutes or more to eat his meal, but the Cesar Bistro was gone in less than 2 minutes.  So, I can say he truly enjoyed it.  It looks like I've found a new food for him, so I will be buying it when it goes on sale in early February.


First Postcards for 2011

I received my first lot of postcards for 2011 today.  They are from California and India.  I just love receiving snail mail from friends around the world.  Here are the postcards I received today:

California Missions: The founding of the Spanish Missions in California furnished an epic in history.  These historical monuments are reminders of the great Franciscan adventure.  Years of patient labor, decades of heroic sacrifice by Fray Junipers Serra and his Franciscan brothers lie behind the era of the founding of the 21 Missions and their branches, the ruins of which still stand in wonder and beauty, at various points along 600 miles of California's glorious coastal region.

Santa Monica, California - The Santa Monica Municipal Pier was built in 1908 - 1909, for the purpose of carrying a city sewer line to the sea.  In 1916, Charles Looff built the adjacent "Pleasure Pier" with it's "Hippodrome" & "Blue Streak" roller coaster.  The La Monica ballroom was added in 1924 & was the largest on the west coast.  In 1934 the breakwater was built; water taxis ferried people to gambling ships moored in the bay.  In 1973 the city council voted to demolish both piers. Citizens countered with a "Save our Piers Forever" initiative & a restoration was begun.  1983, severe winter storms demolished much of both piers, the newly created pier restoration corp. rebuilt them to their original grandeur adding a harbor patrol office & historic photo exhibits at the piers end.  Today, Santa Monica's historic pleasure piers still draws crowds.

The Three Stooges - one of my favourite comic acts :)

Bruce Lee - another great postcard from my friend in California

The Vancouver 2010 mascots and their sidekicks.

California the Golden State.

Bala Krishna from my friend in India. 

Those are my great postcards I received today from my friends.  Hopefully, I will receive some more great mail from around the world, and be able to share it on my blog.


Clairol Giveaway on Facebook

Today started the Clairol 100,000 Giveaway on Facebook.  Over the next 4 days they will be giving away 25,000 free boxes a day of their NEW 'Nice n Easy' Color blend foam.  The giveaway starts every day at 12pm EST. I was lucky to score myself this freebie.  I have to now wait for the company to send me the coupon, so I can redeem it for my free box of hair color.  It will take the coupon 4 to 6 weeks to arrive, which gives me plenty of time to figure out what color I should dye my hair... Check out Clairol Foam


Petrol Jeans Contest on Facebook

Right now until January 31, Petrol Jeans is holding a contest for USA and Canada residence.  You have to refer 20 of your friends, and get them to nominate your name in order to win a free pair of jeans.  I entered this contest, but I really don't know how it's going to work out.  As a lot of people are referring friends, so they are either going to have to give away a lot of jeans, or have a cut off some where.  I truly hope this is an honest contest because I'd love to get a new pair of jeans for free, but I guess we will have to wait and see.  People will not be contacted until February 1.  I have my doubts, because the page says they will contact you via email, but they do have anywhere to enter your email.  Shall keep you updated on whether this was an honest contest or whether it was a scam to get people to join their fan page.  What do you think?  Do you think I will get the jeans? 


Zupreem - First Contest Win of 2011

Before last year, I never bothered entering contests because I figured they were a waste of my time...  But last year I joined a forum called Canada Free Stuff, and I got myself interested in entering contests, and getting freebies/samples from companies in the mail.  It becomes very addictive after awhile, lol. 

A lot of the contests I have won are from Blogs or Facebook.  I am surprised how many contests, giveaways, etc...are actually held on Facebook, and most of the time you have a good chance at winning, because not too many people have entered.

Last year this is what I won, Ring, Two fashion necklaces, Sock monkey, Romantic evening, and For The King's Favor by Elizabeth Chadwick.  Not too bad considering I didn't start entering contests until September. 

My first contest win of 2011 was from Zupreem, they posted a contest on International Birds day, you had to post a picture of your bird celebrating, so I posted a picture of my red bellied parrot.  And we won :)   It was supposed to be for a $25 dollar visa card, but since I live in Canada I was unable to have it (oh well) and they shipped some bird food, bird cookies, a shopping bag and thermal mug, which I was very happy with.  I am going to post some pictures of the things that Zupreem sent, and I didn't have to wait months or weeks to get my prize.  It was at my door in 3 days after the contest, I thought that was awesome.   I am very happy with Zupreem, and how well they handled my contest win. 


Plush Animals From Around The World

I've been collecting Teddy Bears nearly all my life.  I just love how soft and cuddly they are, and it is so hard for me to turn one down when I am out shopping.  But I've met some really great people from around the world that have help me add to my Teddy bear collection, some people have even sent me other plush animals, and I truly appreciate everything that everyone sends me.  So, I thought I would share a few of the animals I have received so far from around the world. 

This cute little boy bear came from the USA.  He was the first bear I received from a different country.  This is the guy that started my obsession for wanting to collect bears from other countries,lol.

This little girl bear came from a friend in Germany.  She is so adorable and sits in my hands :)

This little guy came from a friend in Italy.  He's t-shirt explains which part of Italy he's from :)

This adorable plush cat came from a friend in Trinidad.  He is actually quite big, and very soft.

This bear came from Poland, he was a Christmas present from a friend.  He is so adorable :)

I'm very happy with my international plush animals.  I hope that I will be able to add some more in the future.



Just went to check my Facebook, and noticed that Caramilk was giving away 100 bags of their new Caramilk Secret, and I am happy to say that I was one of the 100 that got a bag, yippy.  I am such a chocoholic, and will be so happy to try the new Caramilk out.  Stay tuned for a review and posts when I receive this product :)

Postcard Collecting

I started collecting postcards last year, and have already received 578.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have met such wonderful friends on Facebook, that have helped me grow my collection.  I decided to start collecting postcards last year, when I realized that I probably will not get to see a lot of the world due to my condition.  So I figured if I cannot go see the world, then a little bit of the world could be sent to me. 

I have received some really beautiful postcards from around the world and I truly appreciate and love every single one of them.  I will share a few of my favourites here, wish I could share all 578, but that would take up a lot of space, lol.

The first postcard I am going to share came from my friend Jenny in Alabama, it's a postcard of the Titanic.  She picked it up for me when she was visiting the Titanic Museum.

The next postcard was sent from my friend Maya, when she went on her travels last year.  It's a wonderful postcard of Troy.  I have always been interested in Troy and the story of Helen of Troy, so I was extremely happy to get this postcard.  Maya has been really good to me, and sent me lots of lovely postcards :)   And many other souvenirs :)

I have been interested in Tudor England for a very long time, so I was quite happy when I received this postcard from Andy in England of all of Henry VIII's wives.  My favourite wife is Anne Boleyn.  I have read a lot of books on Tudor England, especially about Anne and Queen Elizabeth.
Those are just three of my favourite postcards from my collection, but as you can see my favourites are all based on history, lol.  I hope I will receive some more lovely historical postcards in 2011.


Jackie Collins

For anyone that knows me, they know I am an avid reader.  One of my favourite authors is Jackie Collins.  I have read all of her novels, and some of them I have read more than once.  My favourite series being the Lucky Santangelo one.  These books have been a great escape for me, when I've been full of pain.  The Lucky series got me through some of my worst pain I've had suffering with HS. 

So, yesterday I was quite surprised to go to the mailbox and find an autograph picture of Jackie Collins.  Not only was it signed, but it was personalized to me.  It truly made my day :)   One of the best things I have received in my mailbox so far in 2011 :)



Welcome Everyone :)  I am new to keeping a blog, but I am hoping to keep people up to date on my swapping and postcard collecting, what it's like dealing with HS, and reviewing products and how I got freebies :)  Hope you enjoy my lil world :)