Stella Artois Chalice Set

 I joined La Société Stella Artois, and you can get some great prizes from them once you've collected enough points.  The first thing, I turned my points in for was a Stella Artois Pouring kit, with 4 glasses, bottle opener, foam cutter, and book.  The next item I turned my points in for, was two passes to Cinaplex Theatre's.  The next was a Godfather DVD.  Now, I had no problem getting the tickets or the DVD, but the Pouring Kit took 4 months to get here.  I was seriously starting to doubt that I would even receive it.

But last week UPS showed up at my door carrying a big box with "Stella Artois" on it.  I was so pleased to see it, after waiting for it.  I was very impressed when I opened the box and found a lovely set.  It was well worth waiting for.  So, if you are interested in joining the Stella Artois Club here is the link:



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