Petrol Jeans Contest on Facebook - Update!!

The Petrol Jean contest on Facebook was not a scam :)  I am quite happy about that.  I was quite worried for awhile, but I have won a pair of jeans, and I am quite happy about that.  I received the notification that I will be receiving them in 10 to 14 days, really happy about that. 

A lot of people are bitter about not winning the jeans, and writing some very rude comments on the Petrol Jeans fanpage.  I honestly think this is immature, and just being a sore loser.  This one guy is stalker their page, and writing such mean and rude comments to all the winners, it's just pathetic.

Shall write more, once I receive my jeans :)  Thank you Petrol for hosting such a wonderful contest :)



cebelica said...

Congrats hun! That's a fab prize!

lilmzangelic said...

They just arrived, and I had to send them back to the company, because they wanted $31.50 for them :( Oh well, guess no more contests for me :(

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