Postcard Collecting

I started collecting postcards last year, and have already received 578.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have met such wonderful friends on Facebook, that have helped me grow my collection.  I decided to start collecting postcards last year, when I realized that I probably will not get to see a lot of the world due to my condition.  So I figured if I cannot go see the world, then a little bit of the world could be sent to me. 

I have received some really beautiful postcards from around the world and I truly appreciate and love every single one of them.  I will share a few of my favourites here, wish I could share all 578, but that would take up a lot of space, lol.

The first postcard I am going to share came from my friend Jenny in Alabama, it's a postcard of the Titanic.  She picked it up for me when she was visiting the Titanic Museum.

The next postcard was sent from my friend Maya, when she went on her travels last year.  It's a wonderful postcard of Troy.  I have always been interested in Troy and the story of Helen of Troy, so I was extremely happy to get this postcard.  Maya has been really good to me, and sent me lots of lovely postcards :)   And many other souvenirs :)

I have been interested in Tudor England for a very long time, so I was quite happy when I received this postcard from Andy in England of all of Henry VIII's wives.  My favourite wife is Anne Boleyn.  I have read a lot of books on Tudor England, especially about Anne and Queen Elizabeth.
Those are just three of my favourite postcards from my collection, but as you can see my favourites are all based on history, lol.  I hope I will receive some more lovely historical postcards in 2011.



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