Month Update...

Wow, so it's been nearly a month since I last updated my blog.  Cannot believe it's been that long....  I guess you could say a lot has happened in that month's time.  My HS is finally under control, and the doctor's have it nearly in remission, which I am super pleased about.  I've had my birthday, and it was awesome.  My guy took a whole week off work to spend time with me, which was great.  We got to go out to a restaurant, which was a treat because I haven't been to a restaurant in 3 years, due to pain from my condition. 

I felt so blessed this year for my birthday, I received 31 birthday cards from friends around the world.  It was truly a wonderful and lovely surprise, to get so many birthday greetings in my mail box, when today most people seem to rely on digital cards.  Call me old fashion, but I still enjoy receiving snail mail cards.

I finally got my Petrol jeans, and they are really nice.  Truly it was quite an ordeal to get them.  UPS wanted me to pay a surcharge on them, when they first arrived of $31.50, and I sent them back to the company.  Then the company was nice enough to cover the fee, that UPS wanted for the jeans.  So I finally got them, right before my birthday, which was a nice surprise.  

St.Patrick's Day, I spent with W, and we had a lot of fun.  I am of Irish ancestry and he is of Polish ancestry.  I dressed our dog up in an Irish outfit, he truly looked super cute, hehe...although I really don't think he enjoyed it that much, oh well it made me smile.

I have also been asked to review another product.  This time it's Sublime Mousse from L'Oreal.  The company sent me a coupon for me to go and pick out what colour I wanted to try.  So, I have picked Medium Blond  I wonder what I will look like, after I've coloured my hair....*fingers crossed*

Till next time...